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svn_revnum_t svn::Client::status ( const char *  path,
const StatusFilter filter,
const bool  descend,
const bool  update,
StatusEntries &  entries 
) throw (ClientException)

Enumerates all files/dirs matchin the parameter filter at path and returns them in the vector statusEntries

Throws an exception if an error occurs

New in 0.9.7
path Path to explore.
filter use a combination of the SHOW_* values to filter the output
descend Recurse into subdirectories if existant.
update Query the repository for updates.
entries vector with Status entries
current revnum

Definition at line 313 of file client_status.cpp.


    if (Url::isValid(path))
      return remoteStatus(this, path, descend,
                          entries, m_context);
      // remote URLs only need a subset of the filters:
      // we dont expect any modified, conflicting, unknown,
      // ignored entries. And externals arent visible there anyhow
      return localFilteredStatus(
               path, filter, descend, update, entries, m_context);

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