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RapidSvnFrame::Data Struct Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

class that hide implementation specific data and methods from the interface

Definition at line 160 of file rapidsvn_frame.cpp.

Public Member Functions

void AddActionTools (wxToolBarBase *toolBar)
void AddInfoTools (wxToolBarBase *toolBar)
void CheckColumn (int id, bool check)
void CheckMenu (int id, bool check)
void CheckSort (int id)
void CheckTool (int id, bool check)
 Data (wxFrame *parent, const wxLocale &locale_)
void EnableMenuEntry (int id, bool enable)
const svn::StatusSelGetStatusSel () const
void InitializeMenu ()
bool IsColumnChecked (int id)
bool IsErrorDialogActive () const
bool IsFlat () const
bool IsMenuChecked (int id)
bool IsRunning () const
bool IsUrl () const
void RecreateToolbar ()
void SetMenuAndTool (int id, bool &toggleValue, bool newValue)
void SetRunning (bool running)
void ShowErrorDialog (const wxString &msg)
bool ToggleMenuAndTool (int id, bool &toggleValue)
void Trace (const wxString &msg)
void TraceError (const wxString &msg, bool showDialog=true)

Public Attributes

ActivePane activePane
svn::Apr apr
Columns ColumnList
wxString currentPath
bool dontUpdateFilelist
FolderBrowser * folderBrowser
wxSplitterWindow * horizSplitter
FileListCtrl * listCtrl
Listener listener
const wxLocale & locale
wxTextCtrl * log
wxMenuBar * MenuBar
wxMenu * MenuColumns
wxMenu * MenuSorting
bool showConflicted
bool showModified
bool showUnmodified
bool showUnversioned
bool skipFilelistUpdate
bool updateAfterActivate
wxSplitterWindow * vertSplitter

Private Attributes

bool m_isErrorDialogActive
wxFrame * m_parent
bool m_running
size_t m_toolbar_rows

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